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Pavel Holeka (1945) is a Czech poet and creative artist.


He creates lyric and abstract paper collages, often in cycles, such as Partitures, Poems, Inner Spaces, Torn Out Poems, Remembrances of Cchildhood, Chasidic Songs and Stories, Imaginatery Portraits, Leaves from a Diary, Hebrew Alphabet,  Journey to the Light, Girl´s Dreams etc.


Marcel Fišer, Czech art historian says: “Into the world of pasted pictures he brought a new element – the empty space which he is literally able to chime by correctly chosen picture. Often he uses graphic symbols as stave, letters or numbers evoking this sound. His collages have a chiselled spiritual dimension as he would try by his minimalistic tools to transcend boundaries of visible.”


Holeka often exhibits his works individually as well as in collective exhibitions not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad (Holland, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain).


In 2009 he published his fist book called Hebrew Alphabet. It consists of 22 collages of every letter of the Hebrew alphabet accompanied by Holeka’s meditations. It was published in the Arbor vitae publishing house. In 2010, the Hebrew Alphabet received the Most beautiful book in 2009 award from the Czech Minister of Culture.


In 2012 Pavel Holeka published his second book, Allurement of words, again with the Arbor vitae. It is a collection of his poems which are accompanied by collages from the cycle Abstract poems.


He publishes his work in the revue of the oldest Czech artistic association Umělecká beseda. He reviews events from the world of art in the Christian press.


Together with his wife Marta he participated in translating the book How to really love your child written by a child psychologist Dr. Ross Campbell.


He is a member of several Czech and international artistic associations, such as Umělecká beseda, Czech Centre of International PEN club or Christian Artists Europe.


His works are part of private and public collections, e.g. Prague Gassworks (collection of the Czech collage), Gallery Klatovy/Klenova, National Literature Treasure in Prague or LBC London, SEA Zurich and the USA Konos Connection.

sure in Prague or LBC London, SEA Zurich and the USA Konos Connection.


He lives in Prague.